About us


Rėkyva Joint-Stock Company is one of the oldest and largest Lithuanian peat industry companies, producing peat and peat substrates of the highest quality for professional growers. The company operates Rėkyva and Degesynė peatlands in Lithuania, as well as peatlands in Latvia. Rėkyva JSC peat is a sphagnum peat from raised bogs, ideal for sowing various seeds, germination and growing of plants. We are an exporting company – about 90 percent of our products travel to more than 80 countries around the world.

During different times of the season, the company employs from 120 to 250 professional workers. Our unique qualities are experience and responsibility. Rapid modernization of the company, introduction of new technologies, latest equipment, implementation of high international management standards – these are our planned steps towards becoming one of the world leaders in the production of peat substrates.


History counts since 1947.

The history of Rėkyva Joint-Stock Company as a peat production company dates back to 1947. Although, a peatland has been in operation near lake Rėkyva since 1923, where peat production was carried out by a joint-stock company of American Lithuanians.
In 1947-1990, it was one of the most advanced peat production companies in the region, producing peat products for agriculture and fuel peat.
In 1999, Western European capital was invested in the company, the western concept of peat production business according to ISO 9001:2008 standard was introduced, and peat extraction fields were expanded.
Since 2011, the majority shareholder of the company is a German family business. In 2011, investments in the improvement of the condition of peatlands and the renewal of peat extraction equipment have been started and are continuing annually.

In 2012, the company implemented a modern business management system.

In 2013, the renovation and modernization of the peat and their substrates production workshop of the company’s Rokiškis division was completed. After the successful implementation of the project, the quality of production was significantly improved. This success encouraged us to build a new modern peat and peat substrate production and packaging factory in Rėkyva, Šiauliai. The factory, which started operating in 2014, fundamentally changed the production. By automating and computerizing the factory, quantitative and qualitative production parameters are guaranteed throughout the production process, minimizing the impact of human labour. The company operates peatlands in Rėkyva, Degesynė (Lithuania) and Tollu purvs (Latvia). The total area of peatlands reaches more than 1,000 ha, peat resources exceed 25 mln. m3.