Grow bags

Grow bags are the perfect alternative to a garden

Fresh, healthy, vitamin-rich and the tastiest vegetables and berries come from your own garden. Growers know what a pleasure it is to pick a fragrant strawberry, aromatic tomato, crunchy cucumber or other goodies. However, the problem is that not everyone has the opportunity to grow, for example, those who live in apartment buildings have little opportunities on the balcony, and those who have small garden plots cannot have a large garden where everything their heart desires can grow. Therefore, grow bags are the perfect alternative to the garden – compact, very convenient and will help you enjoy the growth process and the harvest! The growing bag is distinguished by the fact that it allows you to easily, cleanly and quickly grow your favorite vegetables and enjoy the harvest of berries, such as strawberries. If you want to try a unique and very simple growing method, buy your first growing bag.


Strawberries undoubtedly earn the title of one of the most commonly grown berries. But agree, in order to enjoy their harvest, you need to put in a lot of effort and find the right place in the garden. We offer a practical and much simpler way – growing strawberries in bags will allow you to enjoy a fast and effective growth process. The bags for growing strawberries are filled with a peat substrate, ideal for the germination of strawberries, the growth of seedlings, the flowering of berry bushes and, finally, the ripening of fruits. The substrate contains the right amount of all the substances that the plant needs in the mentioned growth stages. Growing strawberries in peat bags will be especially useful for those who do not have their own vegetable garden, or any garden plot, but want to enjoy fresh and healthy strawberries. After purchasing one or more of these grow bags, you can store them right on your balcony! Provide the plants with good ventilation, but protect from drafts, ensure that they receive maximum sunlight (may need to be protected from very hot direct sunlight in summer), and ensure adequate substrate moisture. If you use shelves or racks, you can conveniently stack multiple grow bags and enjoy an even bigger harvest! Such a bag for growing strawberries is suitable for all berry bushes, regardless of the variety. And growing in bags will be so easy, don’t be surprised if you want to increase the number of bags next season.

Growing tomatoes in bags

We will not be mistaken when we say that tomatoes are one of the favorite vegetables of Lithuanians and are usually planted in gardens and greenhouses. Many varieties of tomatoes encourage growing more and more variety, so it is natural that there is often a lack of space to plant a large variety. And what about those who live in apartment buildings. However, even this will not prevent you from enjoying the freshness of your own grown tomatoes if you have bags for planting and growing tomatoes in your shopping cart! Planting tomatoes in bags and growing tomatoes in peat bags will be the best proof that you don’t even need a garden to grow tomatoes successfully. Such a bag will suit both tall and short varieties. Bags for growing tomatoes are suitable for both sprouting and planting already sprouted seedlings. You will enjoy gardening on the balcony, in the garden under the open sky or in the greenhouse. The peat in the bags is supplemented with all the substances necessary for the growth of tomatoes, so you will grow not only simply and quickly, but also healthy!


The growing bag is not only suitable for strawberries or tomatoes – it is also suitable for many other vegetables. Grow cucumbers, potatoes, peppers, lettuce, radishes, onions, various berries, decorative plants in it. Such growing of vegetables in bags will provide a unique opportunity to grow not necessarily outdoors, under the open sky, but also on the balcony, terrace, and you can place the bags in the greenhouse. The most important thing is that the vegetables and berries growing in them are provided with adequate lighting and protection from the wind. Vegetable grow bags make it easy to enjoy gardening even if you don’t have space in your garden or even if you don’t have any garden plot!

What can be done to ensure good growth and an even better harvest in vegetable bags?

Moisten the substrate in the evening before planting. For drainage, make slits about 5 cm long in the bottom of the grow bag. Do not plant too densely – this is very important. Tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers are mostly grown in these bags. If you also plant these vegetables, make slits in the bag for 3 seedlings. Among the berries, strawberries are the most popular for such cultivation – plant 5-6 berry bushes in one bag of peat. These unique and rich and natural mix filled bags for growing vegetables can be stored right on the balcony! Yes, this is where you will harvest your cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes or anything else! We cannot fail to mention cucumbers and strawberries – after all, almost every Lithuanian cannot imagine his diet without this vegetable. That’s it – planting cucumbers or strawberries in bags and even growing them in bags will be very appealing to fans and growers of these products – professionals who also appreciate the easy, convenient and fast growing process.

Do you know what other benefits these bags have for growing plants?

Do not throw away the used substrate under any circumstances – it will perfectly complement the soil of the vegetable garden, garden, greenhouse! The vegetable growing bag is filled only with peat, and the additives are lime powder, an agent that promotes water absorption, and a fertilizer rich in trace elements. The Rēkyva growing bag filled with peat has the following dimensions: 31x86x12 cm. The pallet holds 56 grow bags.