Quality control

Rėkyva JSC begins to carry out quality control already in the peat fields.

First of all, these areas are carefully inspected. The weeds on these areas are mechanically removed and other potential contaminants (films, stones, etc.) are monitored and also removed. Weed growing tests are performed.

The raw material collected at the peat bog is constantly checked according to the established methodology: dry mass, moisture, pH and electrical conductivity of peat are determined. The temperature of the stacks is measured. A category is assigned to the raw materials on the basis of the parameters. Peat of the appropriate category is used to manufacture the relevant product.

During manufacturing, samples are taken according to the established methodology and the following parameters are checked:



pH (EN 13037)

Electrical conductivity (EN 13038)

Determination of product quantity (EN12580)

Only after receiving the confirmation of our laboratory, the substrate can be further produced, stored and transported to the customer. Each product has a unique production number and a quality control report that lists all the data obtained during production, furthermore, a sample is collected; it is sealed, and the unique seal number is recorded in the quality control report. The sample is stored in the archive for 6 months from the date of manufacture. At the customer’s request, quality control documents can be sent and a sample can be tested.